Used technologies in outsystems

Could I ask what technologies has been used in the background of outsystems? Thanx.

Hi Libor,

Currently the OutSystems platform is based on .Net.
Please, check this document:

Before version 11 you can have Java Stack or DotNet stack, After version 11, including 11, you just have DotNet stack (using IIS, on windows, with the platform for this stack), it will generate dot net code. 

If you are installing in a JAVA stack with jBoss (for example) and installed the Server for JAVA stack, the code will be JAVA.

You can easily see the server that was installed (stack) in Lifetime:

Nuno Verdasca

Hi Libor,

In addition to what Nuno already explains about the server side used technology, I would like to add:

  • For database server Oracle or MS SQL Server can be used.
  • On the front end, html5, CSS3 and Javascript are used.
  • For reactive web and mobile reactjs is used.
  • For mobile the Cordova framework is used.
  • Extensions to the platform at the server side can be written in C#
  • Extensions to the front end can be written in Javascript

More information about the OutSystems architecture of generated applications can be found in the following official OutSystems document: