Getting [This operation requires IIS integrated pipeline mode] on REST call

Hello all. On looking at our service center logs, i notice a series of entries like:

This operation requires IIS integrated pipeline mode.

A little search lead me to: where is suggested to change the IIS's pool from classic to integrated... does anyone now if this is safe at all?

On a side note, this error only seams to occur on a REST called from an css style: background-image.


Hello Mauricio, 

According to release notes, the platform supports the use of integrated mode since version 10.0.502.0, with a fix in a later version (but still older then the version you are using. 

So, I would say it is safe to change the mode. At least I couldn't find anything saying the contrary. 



Thanks for the quick reply Eduardo, I just found the release notes you mentioned ( from May 25, 2017, I'll ask the IT to make this change. :^)