Why does the afterFetch action not get executed


I got this code from killian but one thing puzzeles me.

I can see that there is data fetched from a external api.

But when I debug this , it looks that this action never gets called. 

Anyone a idea why this happens on my reactive app.



Hi Roelef,

This seems the follow-up of previous threads.

What are you trying to achieve with the code? Showing the film picture upon button click?

If that's the case you can call the original data action in the the button action, so that the OnAfterFetch is called. The code you sent is doing a direct call to the API, so the OnAfterFetch is not executed.

You should also set the status to Retrievining at the beggining of the button action instead of the end.

Please check the attached module.




Hello Tiago, 

Thanks, and yes these are follows ups on earlier threads. 

Everythigs works now as I have in mind.

Now study what is exactly is changed.