Application Versioning in Outsystems Infrastructures

Application Versioning in Outsystems Infrastructures


I'm working at an Outsystems Factory with several eSpaces and extensions that can be logically grouped in some "Applications". As normal, we have three environments - Development, Quality and Production.

In order to control the impact of the deployment of new applications, I would simply like to clearly be able to answer two questions:
- "Which version of application X is installed on each of our environments?"
- "For a specific eSpace - To which application does this eSpace belongs to and which is its current version?"

I think the solution to this problem will always have to be done at two different levels:
- A clearly defined versioning and deployment process
- An application to support the versioning process

Have any of you felt this problem before? Can you share your experience?

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Lourenço
I think you can create a solution for each of your Applications to control their versions and make the deployments easy. The solutions controls the versions process.
Hi Luis,
First of all, thanks a lot for your answer.

I agree that the problem should be solved with solutions, but my question is how. That means:
- How is the version numbering controlled?
- How can the information be gathered - which version of each application is installed on each environment and, looking at an eSpace, understanding in which version of the application is it running.
What I would like you to share is the process you use to control your Application deployment and versioning.