[FullCalendar 2] How can implement Fullcalendar 2 ?

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Published on 2019-03-29 by Daniel Filipe
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Published on 2019-03-29 by Daniel Filipe

Hello everyone,

im new to Outsystems and I got the basic view of Outsystems ( done some tutorials ).

Now i want to start with this Forge and just want to show the Fullcalender in a Webscreen.

How should i do it, i have tried a lot of things, buts its not working. It only shows one of the four webscreens. But i want to display all of the features just.



You have some documentation on the component page, and when you download the component you have a sample that you can see how it is used.

But basically you can drag the component's webblock to a screen, and then make the settings that seem to suit your needs.

Nuno Verdasca

Some sample images


Thank you very much. I have an other question. Is it possible to show the calender week numbers  next to the calendar day?


maybe this post and this post help you.

But let me know if help or not.


Nuno Verdasca

Thank you, but the Problem is kinda different.

1. I want to show the Calendar from Monday through Sunday.

2. The Numbers of Weeks, should  show me too ( Example : from 30th Dezember till 5th Januar 2020 its the first Week of the Year, the week after is the second  and so on...  )  . In German its called Kalenderwochen.


I solved it in the Advance Configuration , Never mind . Thank you anyway !