Reporting capabilities of OutSystems

Reporting capabilities of OutSystems


Reporting solutions with the Agile Platform are possible in several ways, depending on the requirements. For instance, apart the traditional HTML printing, reports can be generated to Word documents or PDF files. If the reports require charts, then you can use one of the many charting solutions available in the Agile Network TechCenter.


If you have no printing requirements, you can use the Fusion Charts Component, which is a flash-based solution for rich and interactive charts.


In case you need to print your reports or send them by mail, you can either use the XLSTools Component, which allows you to import charts from Excel files, or the BarChart Widget or the ZedGraph Component, which provide you with APIs to create several kinds of image-based charts.


If you need more reporting power, then there is always the possibility to integrate with another reporting component or even third party solutions, such as Microsoft’s Reporting Services or Business Objects Crystal Reports.


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Let me just add a recent launched component - Reporting Services - that is based on FusionCharts as well, but empowers the users themselves to create reports on the fly. No need for coding your report, simply select the data, fields and graph: Reporting Services will do the rest.

Pedro Gonçalves

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Let me just add that OutSystems integrates with both Microsoft SQL Reporting servies (a tutorial can be found here) and with Crystal Reports.



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