Developing Web Apps - Data Queries and Widgets II

I am currently trying to go true the Developing Web Apps Course and are getting stuck in the Data Queries and Widgets II chapter. 

In paragraph 6 e) the pdf states: Switch to the Data tab and expand the PersonMovieRole Entity. Drag the Entity Action CreatePersonMovieRole immediately after the Assignstatement.

My problem is that I can't find the CreatePersonMovieRole in the data just GetPersonMovieRole.

I guess I have made a small mistake in the step by step guide and will really appreciate help to solve this issue. 

Kind Regards Håvard


That means PersonMovieRole is not editable. You must go to the entity in its original module and right after Public = Yes you have a Read Only = Yes. Change Read Only to No, publish and refresh dependencies.

Hi ,

Please change the read only attribute of the Person movie role entity to NO and publish in core module and then in UI module just refresh the dependencies of that entity from core module. You will get all the entity actions there.