I have a parent Navigation\Tabs (WebPatterns) in a screen, when I add a child Tab both inside Parent Tab1 and Parent Tab2, the screen does not show the contents of Parent Tab2 and so other tabs after. Only Parent Tab1's content is shown.

Thanks in advance

Hello Miguel,

Is this a reactive web application? If yes, there really is an issue for tabs inside tabs there since all tabs, even those inside a tab, are considered to be part of one navigation.

Sadly from my tinkering there is currently no solution or workaround. Besides, the usual drag-and-drop of a navigation tab inside another tab is not allowed, so I think it is safe to consider that navigation tab currently has a limitation to not have another navigation tab inside of it.

- Emman

hi Miguel,

If you need to use any component, and outsystems doesnt allow you to have a component inside of a component, you can wrap the child component, in a web block, and use in the parrent. Outsystems wont complain.


Hi Slavi,

Unfortunately, for this case, it doesn't fix the issue... at least based from my recent testing...

- Emman