Mobile App - Previous Screen (weird behaviour)

Right now I have problems when transitioning from another screen(Screen A) to the Home Screen, in the destination action I set the destination to (Previous Screen) and transition to (Reverse Transition). 

It works if Screen B goes back to Screen A, but if Screen A goes back to Home Screen, the reverse transition doesn't seem to work properly, it seems to reload the Home Screen again instead of transitioning smoothly

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Hi Yosuke,

Can you attach the oml?

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Here is the oml, the strange behaviour started to happen when I updated the service studio from 11.5.39 (Build 605) to 11.6.6 (Build 4872)


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Additionally, I was also using it as a Native Mobile App

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Hi Yosuke,

I took a look at your app and i saw that you used the MenuIcon web block to do this transition. However, this menu web block is originally intended to open the side menu. A better implementation for your usecase would be to open the Layout block and replace the MenuIcon block with the back button and the back transition. 

The menu icon web block that you used tries to open the menu and at the same time now tries to open the previous page. That's why it does not work. 

Hope this works for you.

Kind regards,


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Still the same behaviour, from Screen B to Screen A normal reverse transition, from Screen A to HomeScreen, the Home Screen is reloaded again

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I think the in the Common\MenuIcon block, it will open the menu if MenuAction is equal to Entities.MenuAction.Menu, or go to previous screen if it's equal to Entities.MenuAction.Back

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I assume the reload happens with the screen marked as Default in the module.

Check the behaviour in the oml I'm sharing.

Let me know if this helps,



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Isn't it a bug? it shouldn't have to reload just because it's returning to the default screen.

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Hello, allow me to resurrect this thread because I'm observing the same behaviour. 

Whenever you're navigating to the 'Previous screen', and that previous screen is the one set as the Default screen. 

Samuel is going around this by having an automatic redirect from a (blank)Default screen to a secondary, actual 'Home' screen, bypassing the problem. 

It's still a workaround, and this looks like a bug to me. 

From my investigation, what I could observe is the OnApplicationReady running every time I hit the Default screen. The glitch is happening even if you're not using an OnApplicationReady, so it makes me think the platform might be running some other scripts again which should run only once when you open the app.

I attached an oml with a very simple example of this. The module is absolutely default, has 3 screens and just a few buttons.

If you do this pattern:

Home Screen > Screen A > Screen B > Home Screen >  Screen A 

and then start hitting the button with the 'Previous screen' link

Screen A > Home Screen > Screen B > Screen A ~glitchy transition~>  Home Screen

So it's not the screen itself, but when it is the final node in this backward navigation.

It's not platform breaking but this is pretty annoying and puts a dent on the user experience. Any hints?


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Have you tried updating the OS UI to the latest version? This maybe a bug on the OS UI itself.