The Eight Universal Rules of Engagement Management

The Eight Universal Rules of Engagement Management

Check this article in attach. It is a very interesting perspective about the Engagement Manager role.

As a conclusion they say:
"The Universal Rules of Engagement Management ideally should be framed against known best practices that support
the project management process, scope, creation of a common methodology, appropriate selling skills, account
management capabilities, knowledge of the services industry, knowledge of the business issues of the client, and an understanding of process consulting. Spending time building new skills and capabilities in all of these areas is well worth your time and effort."

Hi Fernando,

Indeed an interesting article, also since it confirms our alignment with most of the rules it highlights. 

Rule 1: Maintain Consistency and Rule 2:Have a Process-Driven Approach

These are the rules that drove the need for developing our Agile Methodology and the reason for our ongoing investment on it. Our approach to projects is structured, with well known steps and goals.

Rule 3:Be clear to Ownership

This is where it becomes clear that Engaging with a customer is spread across two layers: account management and project management. The Outsystems Engagement Manager addresses project management.

Rule 4: Utilize Performance Tools

We are currently working on a Agile Methodology booklet that will address these topics, with checklists for each stage, the three first tools are sales tools that we are not addressing as part of the Engagement Manager role.

Rule 5: Integrate Quality Control

This is were we need to further improve our processes, with the booklet we are working on we will address it.

Rule 6: Use a Knowledge Management System

At this stage our techcenter with it's forums and download area allows us to keep the community feedback and relevant information but we have room for improvement

Rule 7: Commit Everyone to Obtaining New Business

As Outsystems Engagement Managers we need to be constantly alert to maximize our customers benefits. As we sucessfully engage with our customers on multiple projects we tend to become advisors to them.

Rule 8: Implement Effective and Efficient Project Management

This one is at the heart of all Agilists, we are all about efficient project management, along with our Agile Network Projects and lean development approach we are always trying to get the most out of the project.


Ok, I shared my vision, let us know yours!