[MicroBlink Plugin] Invalid license "Even though i got new license key from Blink ID"

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Published on 2019-12-05 by Experts
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Published on 2019-12-05 by Experts

I got License from  Blink ID For 30 day , i am testing this component , 

I added new license key , but still its saying Invalid Key

I am attaching the screenshot below

can any one help me to solve this

Thank you


As you can see in the error please check the ADB log. 

Usually in the log output is the reason why your license key is invalid. Often this is due to using license key which not supports the version of SDK that you are using, you are setting license key that is not included or setting v2 license key in v1 of the SDK.

If possible, please share the complete log cat. 


Here is the solution :

I was using license key for V2  version of the SDK.


As Outsystems plugin is built with the old version of BlinkId SDK, so  you have to use v1 key.

After changing to License key form V2 to V1 its works fine,

Thank you,