How to import a module of Javascript File to an expression

Hi guys,

I need to implement the javascript code to generate a graphic.  I include the JavaScript file (vanilla.js) as a Resource (Data tab, bottom). Specify the Deploy Action to "Deploy to Target Directory", and add a Target Directory (e.g. "js"). 

import { VerticalBarChartGrouped } from '/js/vanilla';

const chart = new VerticalBarChartGrouped({
  element: document.getElementById('simple-example'),
  data: Data,
  y: { unit: 'Billion (SEK)' }


I used an expression.

but it isn't show anything.

Thank you in advance


If you can, use the AddJavaScriptTag method from the HttpRequestHandler extension. It's easier.

In any case, remember that you need to set the Deploy To Target Directory attribute of the resource, or it will not be available.

And, to finish, I think your relative paths are not ok: