[Salesforce REST] How to configure Salesforce Rest

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Published on 2017-08-08 by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 2017-08-08 by Leonardo Fernandes

Hi all,

On postman, I have a valid request:

When I put those credentials on Salesforce Rest Component, it raises the following error:


Could you please help me configure the Salesforce REST component in order to make this request?


Hi Bruno,

I know this isnt an exact answer to your question however below will achieve the same results.

Instead of using this forge component you could try and consume the API using the build in Consume Rest API Method function in Service Studio.

Under the Logic tab expand the integrations folder, right click on REST and click Consume REST API.


From here you can populate all of your URL header and auth information just like you can in postman.

Once complete it will create an action that you can drag and drop into your logic as required.