Hello, I am very new to outsystems so I apologise for problems that may be simple to fix.

Basically I am trying to register a new user into the user database which is currently working well, the problem occurs when i try to log this new user in at the end of the registration process...

Please help!

Regards, Pedro.

Hello Pedro,

Is the password used in the DoLogin also Encrypted? Right now, I think it fails because the password did not match simply because it is being compared to the encrypted one.

Also, please don't apologize, we all start with limited knowledge, and this community exist for all of us to learn more.

Hope this helps!

- Emman

Please add the normal password which is coming directly from the User Registration Form. As the User_login function parameters are username, password and remember which are comes from Form Directly. Please use the Form Data it will work fine.

I hope you got it. Waiting for your response,

Thank you,