Is there any way to scan for virus while uploading file in web application

We have a requirement to implement a file scan function for the virus while uploading files in our web application. Is there any service/extension that can be used to check the file. 

We need this for commercial use and it will be great if a license-based solution is available.

Any suggestion is appreciated 


Hi pranav!

There's a component available for OS10 in Forge for that:

Kind regards,

Joseph Enriquez

Hi Joseph Enriquez,

Thanks for your reply. I have checked and we used that for commercial purposes. Please find the discussion link below.

Hi Pranav,

Even if there are no components/extensions available in the Forge, you could still integrate with services that provide a REST API to scan files for viruses. A few examples from a quick Google search:

Hi Aurelio,

Thanks for the suggestion and links . I will check it with my team.