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Actually I'm facing a dificult about customizing the carousel widget. I need to make an horizontal slider menu with all months of the year, but only with 5 elements showing and with a free scroll. Then when I scroll, it has to change for the next option automatically and center.

Every time I swipe it scrolls a specific width each time. Somebody can help me with that?? 

Please check the link this will help you to get rid of the issues. 


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Thank you so much for the fast reply, but it didn't solve my problem. The issue i'm facing is that I have a list of months that the user should be able to drag freely through it, and when it stops automaticaly select the option that is in the center of the 5 items.

I attatched a print that shows my carousel, but in this moment I have to drag one by one to get the January month (for example), I already changed the widget action called "gesture end" where I can simulate something like that (but with too many conditions), I supose there's an easy way to do that...

I'm really needy for help, this is delaying my project too much. 

Thank you for all your attention.

I found a good example on Outsystems UI Style guide:


In the last section that says "ITEMS - Specify the number of items to be displayed at the same time per device", that's what I really need. But when I define it with 3 or 5 items, the carousel only scrolls throught 3 or 5 items each time. But on the outsystems style guide example I'm able to drag freely, and then when I stop it centers the visible one... Is exactly what I need, but can't reproduce it. 

Thank you once again

Hello once again.

Still there's nobody that can help me on this? I've noticed that the example I sent before only works on Web Application, in a Mobile Application the carousel works diferently. 

Still needing a carousel with 3 or 5 options clickable option, and when I drag it the carousel selects and center the option in the middle of the div. 

Is There somebody to help me on that?

Thank you.