DataLabels not shown in chart using react


On a react page we want to show a column chart. The the chart is show, but the dataLabels on the columns are not visible. In attachment you find a sample that shows the problem.

Does somebody has an idea I can solve this?

Kind regards

Kevin Desmet

Hi Kevin,

What do you mean with "data labels (...) are not visible"? I can see them just fine:

Hi Kilian,

The data labels with y axis value are not shown on top of the columns.

Right, I was confused about the terminology, sorry for that. I've done some testing, and my conclusion is that this is a bug in Reactive Web. The same chart with the same HighchartsJSON works fine in "traditional" Web:

(Also funny the default colours are different.) I'd suggest you contact OutSystems Support for this, I'll also bug OS.

Hi Killian,

Thanks for the response. I opened a support case for this problem


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reporting and opening a support case. We've just checked it out internally and it is, in fact, a bug, as Kilian said.

We'll have this fixed in an upcoming release.


Ricardo Alves


Hi all,

I am currently facing same bug on React that is data labels are not showing on top of column with applied Highcharts json. Is it fixed or not?

I am using Outsystems version 11.7.9 and working on React application