About the "IdP" application from forge.

Hi all.

Does anyone  know about "IdP" application well?

We are trying to implement the SAML authentication with ADFS.

What we are in trouble is the flow after authenticated by ADFS.

It seems like after passing the ADFS authentication, new User wile be created in the User Entity if the User doesn't exist.

I check the Logic and find the Logic which seems create the User. Which is following.

IdP > Auth > IdP > Preparation > UserCheck

But even if I set the break point in this action, It does't stop after passing the ADFS authentication...

Where exactly does the process go after ADFS authentication screen?

Thanks in advance.

Into your application screen after logging in.

Hi Yukiya,

When user logged in on ADFS side it will sent back to idP component SAML message with user details, some of the details as groups will be added automatically, but some of them you need to add custom code. Please review Auth-idP screen it Preparation, where idP component parse SAML message, create user and add required data to the database. 

Now automatically added to OutSytems entities this data: user email, Groups, Mobile phone, username. All this information is added only if on ADFS side, administrator assign claims to request AD attributes.

If you need more information from ADFS like department, title, role and others.

  1. You should ask your administrator to add to Relying Party Trust of your Endpoint required claims to be provided.
  2. You need to create own user_extra entity with required fields.
  3. You need to add extra custom code to Auth-idP Preparation.

Please, look to this document:


Nuno Verdasca