How to update outsystems database entity?


I have an application developed using Outsystems, the database is based on excel.

I need to update some records in the database entity, how to update the records?

Please advise.

Hi Eman,

Did you create a  reactive webapp or a traditional webapp?

For traditional web app:

1. Drag entity to Main UIflow, and automatically OutSystems creates a list screen.

2. Drag again the same entity to the same UIfloe and OutSystems automatically creates a detail screen attached to the list screen and adds a new record button on the list screen.

3. Publish the app.

For reactive web app:

1. Create list screen from list screen template

2. Drop the entity on the list of the generated screen and fix any broken attribute references.

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 for a detail screen.

4. On the list screen create a link in one of the row columns, most likely the first to have the detail screen you created as destination, providing the entity id.

How to build OutSystems applications can be learned using the free online trainings. You can find them at



can I edit the excel or the table directly from data tab?

No that is not possible.

You have to reload the changed spreadsheet on the data tab under resources section.

Then you have to change the bootstrap code to first delete the entity data.



Hi Eman,

Assuming you know SQL language, if you want to update the data on your entity, you can always write an advanced query on any of your flows, and run it using the commit statement at the end of your query without the need to publish.