Maximum length of text fields - conversion to binary data

I have an application where 3-5 new text fields need to be added of max 6500 characters. For now the max length is restricted to 2000 chars.

From what I have read, after a certain number of characters (2000 from what I understood was the limit for Outsystems 10) the field will be converted to binary data.

Is this correct? Will the fields that exceed a certain number of characters be converted to binary data? If yes, what is the limit for Outsystems 11?

These fields need to also be audited. Since the entity for auditing changes contains a large amount of data, there is a concern about performance issues if the maximum allowed length for text fields becomes 6500 in this table even though the majority of it will be even under 2000.

Thank you,



Performance Best Practices ( Paragraph 2.1.2 is about 'large' attributes (above 2000 char).



Hi Dana,

I don't remember if that conversion to binary data was ever true. But for long I remember the conversion of text type to the databases types is the one in this document.



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