Session variables in Reactive web application

Hi, I am interested to know how session variables are accessed/used in Reactive web application? What I can see is "Client Variables" instead. Please explain the client variables.

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Hi Waqas,

To say it short Client variables are to the front end (browser) what session variables are to the server.

You cannot access session variables directly in screen actions or client actions of reactive web applications.

You would need to write a server action and use that in a Data action on your screen.

Client variables are stored in locally in the browser.

Here is the official client variables documentation.



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Hi Waqas,

In addition to what Daniel replied, I just want to add few things to answer your question on accessing session variables.

In reactive application most of the logic is run on the client side and this reduces the traffic between client and server and thus improving the performance of the applications. 

So it makes sense that client maintains these variables that are valid during his session.

Hence client variables are nothing but session variables in reactive applications except that they are stored in client side rather than server side.

As per the documentation, Client Variables reset to their default values when the user signs out of the app or when the platform signs out the user automatically. However, do not use Client Variables to store sensitive or confidential information.



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Hi Mykola, 

Client Variable will be stored  in the client-side, directly in the browser local storage. Any javascript code could access and change this information including the devloper inspector tools in almost all browsers. If you need to store confidential/sensitive information in client variables, you should encrypt the data to make sure you are not exposing them.


Fabio Fantato


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Hi Wakas,

If tou need, you can get this Clients variables in real time using this component as an example.