can we use OutSystems platform for extracting data from webpage?


I am new to OutSystems, trying to understand how it work. So my question is, can we extract data from web page or web site using OutSystems? if yes, then how?



Are you looking for a Web Scrapping Tool? 

I never used it in Outsystems, but I see that in the Forge you can have some components to perform that operation.

I never used them, so I can´t offer you specific support in this issue. Have a look into those componenent and try to find your way. 

However, some RPA tools such as UiPath Software, have pre built web scrapping tools that are easy to use.

Best regards,

João Delgado

Hi Yasmeen,

Are you trying to create a web scraper? You could probably do it with OutSystems, but there's better tools for it out there. I wrote a proof of concept to scrape Linkedin with Selenium in an Extension and mainly used low code for the tool frontend.