dropdown options notdisplaying as accepted

Hi All,

1) I am developing an web application where I have used combobox. In combobox, I have also added Special list value so that by default that option should be present. Still i amgetting first name in the list nly as default option. Can anyone please suggest me wht must have gone wrong. I have attached screenshot below.

What i want is 

What Iam getting

 2) I have a form where the cursur must automatically point in first textbox. Please help me with this as well.



Hi Ankita,

Regarding your 2nd requirement, I can suggest you a solution. You can use the "Input_SetFocus" from RichWidgets. It's a webblock with javascript code that will receive the Widget Id and perform a focus.

About your 1st requirement, I never experienced that behaviour. What are you giving as value in the special list? Normally I give 0, as the solution below.

Try to guide yourself through this answer: 


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João Delgado