[Custom Input Masks] Date and time settings

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Published on 9 Mar (4 weeks ago) by Marcelo Ferreira
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Published on 9 Mar (4 weeks ago) by Marcelo Ferreira

I have a problem when I want to put the date and time on my website because the clock is with the time of entry but the time does not advance, can someone help me?

Hi Ivan,

As you said, using CurrDateTime() in an expression will print you the DateTime when the server was contacted. This way, it will become a static value without update. 

You should look into this ready-to-use component:


However, you can see how it is built and adapt as you desire. After all you just need to refresh the expression and you can achieve that by using a setinterval in javascript.

Best regards,

João Delgado

Hi Ivan,

As João said this component wasn't build to accomplish what you want. If his answer helped you solve your problem can you mark it as solution.





Hello I found the solution, I created a javascript and in outsystems in the block I put an Onready function inside this a java script and in a container place some html fields where the javascrit will place the values, it is important that when naming the fields go to the browser viewer with which the name is left and place that value in the javascript I will attach some images

Thank you