[Stimulsoft ReportManager] Japanese cannot be output in PDF output.

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Published on 2019-07-30 by Sadanobu Kodan
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Published on 2019-07-30 by Sadanobu Kodan

When PDF is output, Japanese is displayed as ?. 

I have verified using a personal environment. Is there a way to output Japanese correctly?

The font setting is 'Arial' by default, but if you want to display Japanese, set it to include Japanese font characters such as Meiryo and MS Gothic.

And the font set here must be registered as a font on the client computer.

By the way, if you cannot register the appropriate font on the client computer, use the server-side option 'GetReportPdf' action.

This allows you to use PDF's built-in font function.

Hello, Tadanobu,

Thank you for your reply! 

Pdf export button in the capture seems to use the "GetReportPdf" action. If so, it is still NG...

Also, "embedded font" doesn't seem to work.

Embedded fonts and garbled matters are different issues. Did the Japanese display correctly by changing the font setting from Arial to Meiryo?

By setting to 'Meiryo', when outputting PDF from Viewer, it was output correctly in Japanese! Thank you!
However, when using the “GetReportPdf” action, it is still NG.


'GetReportPdf' works on the server side. Fonts such as Meiryo must be registered on the server, but Japanese is not registered in Personal Enviroment.


Thanks to you, I finally understood!