OutSystems Platform and Virtualization

OutSystems Platform and Virtualization


The Agile Platform is certified to run over VMWare Virtual Machines (VMs), as long the VMs meet the recommended hardware requirements as specified for native hardware, that is, the same number of CPUs, the same processing power (GHz) and the same amount of dedicated RAM memory.

To avoid performance degradation when using VMWare Virtual Machines, OutSystems recommends the usage of a storage to support the VMs disk files, at least with SAS hard drives of 15.000 RPMs, with RAID 10. OutSystems further recommends using VMWare ESX 3.5, since it introduces network performance gains when compared with previous versions. Regarding the Platform’s Database Server, OutSystems recommends it to be installed over native hardware, since the I/O load is usually too high for the VMs to sustain it properly.

Please visit the OutSystems on Virtual Machine and Licencing topic on the OutSystems Network forums for more information.


Can someone tell me if Outsystems is certified to run over Microsoft Hyper-V?
Hi Pedro

OutSystems certifies the Agile Platform to run with certain Operating Systems, not virtualization technologies.
If the Operating System that is required by the Agile Platform, in the specific version that you are using, is certified to run in the virtualization technology of your choice, then you can run the Agile Platform in that operating system.

For example, the current 5.1 .NET version is certified to run in:
  • Windows 2003 (32 or 64-bits);
  • Windows 2008 R2 64-bits.
If the virtualization technology (in this case Microsoft Hyper-V) is certified to run the above mentioned operating systems, then OutSystems is supported on top of that.

I run a number of VMs with Agile Platform on them under Hyper-V, they run like a dream.