[jQuery UI Drag and Drop and Sort] Using Component on Personal: Get JQuery Error
Forge component by Carlos Alfaro
Published on 07 Nov 2019

Hello there, 

I installed the version of the component on my personal environment (V 11.6.7). I build a screen to test this component, but when testing I always get the following error

I am referencing all the component dependencies.

Can you give me some help, or an exemple of how to use this?

Best Regards

I am having the same problem with the latest version after updating from 10 to 11. It seems soms Javascript files aren't loaded properly.  Checked previous version and included 'jQueryUI1_12_1_drag_drop_sort' and 'jQueryUI_Touch_Punch_0_2_3' webblocks. Now it is working again. it looks like this JS is moved to the module Javascript in the new version, but somehow it doesn't work..

Also, is it possible for you to make the events not mandatory? I would like to choose whether I react on the event or not on each place I use the webblock and not having create a 'dummy' action if I don't want to do anything.

Hello, I am experiencing similar problems as Lars.
However in this case it is not about the Personal environment, but an enterprise environment and not with the draggable, but with the sortable. We also got a javascript error.

When using a previous version of the component that included 'jQueryUI1_12_1_drag_drop_sort' and 'jQueryUI_Touch_Punch_0_2_3' webblocks the component does work.

Is there any way to solve the javascript error whilst using the latest version of the component?
I was also wondering if an example can be included in the latest version, just as it was done in version 1.10.0 for example?

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Hi everyone,

I was looking at this components today and I was able to solve this issue (in a bit dirty way, but it worked).

Basically the main problem is a missing dependency at the time of load, for some reason the main JS is not taken from the main JS window.

This is how the original component version looks like. All I did was just copy everything on this pane, and paste it on the side pane, like the following image:

And right after refreshing dependencies for the component on the main front end it just worked.

Let me know if this also work for you guys as well, later if I can I will see how to make this a bit more clean solution (I am not a part of the team for the component, but if someone is and see this thread, please update the component)