[jQuery UI Drag and Drop and Sort] Using Component on Personal: Get JQuery Error

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Published on 2019-11-07 by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 2019-11-07 by Carlos Alfaro

Hello there, 

I installed the version of the component on my personal environment (V 11.6.7). I build a screen to test this component, but when testing I always get the following error

I am referencing all the component dependencies.

Can you give me some help, or an exemple of how to use this?

Best Regards

I am having the same problem with the latest version after updating from 10 to 11. It seems soms Javascript files aren't loaded properly.  Checked previous version and included 'jQueryUI1_12_1_drag_drop_sort' and 'jQueryUI_Touch_Punch_0_2_3' webblocks. Now it is working again. it looks like this JS is moved to the module Javascript in the new version, but somehow it doesn't work..

Also, is it possible for you to make the events not mandatory? I would like to choose whether I react on the event or not on each place I use the webblock and not having create a 'dummy' action if I don't want to do anything.