Table records widget displays 4 columns even if there are 10-12 columns in aggregate


I am working on Outsystems 11, web application. I have an entity, which has 10-12 sub-entities in database, in data layer. I created a preparation, in which I get the whole entity data in an aggregate, and shows 10-12 columns in aggregate. I am using "Table records" widget, where I am dragging the entity in it and setting preparation list of created entity aggregate as source for the "Table records" widget. But when only 4 sub-entities columns are seen on screen.

I want to display all sub-entity(10-12 columns) on screen using "Table records" widget.

Kindly help.



Hi Piyusha,

When you drag an Entity onto a Table Records, only for that Entity the columns are created, regardless of whether the Source Record List contains more Entities. Did you try to drag also the other Entities onto the Table Records? If that doesn't work, you'll need to manually add them.

Hi Piyusha,

By default, and using that accelerator, it will only appear 4 columns. You need to drag and drop the other attributes that you want to show in the table.

Best regards,

João Delgado