Getting a list of records into a table cell

Hi All,

I have a table (show records) in where I want to display a list of records (people) in a cell. However both kinds of list widgets are not allowed to be used and in an expression I do not see how this would be possible. Any tips are appriciated!

Kind regards,
Bart van Orizande


Hi Bart,

You could use webblocks to display a list inside a table cell.
Hope this helps.




It depends on what you need.

If you just want names as text, you can have a function with input RecordId that returns the corresponding names formatted as you wish and just use it on the expression.

Usually, I send the RecordId to a web block that shows people related with RecordId. This way I can customize formating, add links, and everything I may need later.

As Marco pointed out, the only way to have a list inside a list, in OutSystems Web Traditional applications, is through the use of a web block. You use an input parameter to pass an identifier and in the web block preparation filter an aggregate using this id (or any other parameters that are relevant) to show the inner list.


Thanks all, webblock did the trick! Will use that knowledge next time ^^