I am trying to create something exactly like the Outsystems User module. I'm on a UserDetail screen, and I have a table of roles that that user has. I also have a separate table that displays the Groups that that user is in.

I want to add a True/False column in the role table that says true if that role was inherited from a group that that user is in, and false if that role was added on its own. I then want this to determine whether the "revoke role from user" link appears. If the role was inherited from a group, I do not want it to appear. 

I tried searching the forge, and the only module I found was "unstable for my environment."

Thanks in advance!


I think you need to do that validation/list manualy looking for table User_Role and Group_User.

The entity Group_Role stores the association between groups and roles, and the entity Group_User, that holds the association between groups and users.
The User_Role entity holds only the roles applied direct to users, not through groups.

So if the user have the role by Group, that role and user don't exists in table User_Role.

Hope it helps.