Source Code of Outsystems application


Application source code as I understood is stored in \Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\share\eSpaceName. But, when I tried to remove some files in the espace from the above path, my application is still working as usual. Ideally when files are deleted, app would break. 
Is there any other path/location where the source files are stored? Can I get help in understanding how the files are stored on the installed location when the app is built.




Can you share with us what you're trying to accomplish? If you want to take down an app, it would be safer to disable it in Service Center:

Hello Sai.

Apparently you are trying to break stuff to see how it works. I'm not explaining how OS works, but simple sharing some general knowledge.

Like you said, those are source files. Source files are useless and don't affect the app once it has been published. However, their absence make developers go crazy.

I'd recommend you delete also in the application server (IIS) to see a nice crash.

Hi Saicharan,

I'm assuming you have access to the server and have an on-premise setup. 

On Windows servers, OutSystems applications are by default .Net applications running on IIS.You can go to your IIS console, navigate to [YOUR_SERVER] > Sites > Default Web Site > [YOUR_APP_NAME], then right-click and choose "Explore". You should find the physical directory where your application is located. e.g. Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\running

This is typically where OutSystems platform stores / deploys the generated compiled .Net files.

Hopes this helps to understand more of how OutSystems works.

But I strongly DO NOT recommend deleting files here as it may cause unexpected results.



Please First clarify that you are working on the Personal Environments or OnPremises Server.

If it is Personal Environments, then when you publish an application is stored in the cloud. so if you delete it from the outsystems installed folder it will download the application automatically when you open the service studio.

In On-premises you can get the files from your local machine. 

Please clarify the scenario.

Thank you,