Load .JSON data into application (like Excel Record)


Let's say I have a .json, not a WebService but a .json file, which I want to iterate and add it's data to my database, the same way I can import an excel and iterate it's data, I want to do the same with a json file.

How can I achieve this?



Hello Fábio,

Going to the structures you can create the structure based on the JSON you have. Like that you'll have the structure to transform the Json to the Structure.

After you get the structure built on, based on the JSON you can use the function Json Deserialize.

Like this, everytime you give the string (JSON) it will return the structure. After that you need to built extra-logic to create the data on the database. Notice that for excel file, there's also logic behind it, but it's built with the scaffolding, for the JSON there's no such thing, you need to built it.

I believe this topic is a duplicate or similar of this one.

Hope it helps. Cheers!