How to authenticate users via firebase auth

Hi all

So for the past month or two I have been struggling with authenticating users via firebase, using firebase api's but when calling them they are unavailable. 

I'm forced to authenticate users via firebase due to me working on a project with someone whos doing the website to my mobile app and our data needs to sync.

Can someone perhaps guide me in the direction that'll help me overcome this obstacle this?

Is it possible to to do this using javascript in the client actions?

Hi Mogamat,

What the error you are getting?

Did you follow the steps as defined at


To complete the information give above by this link, i suggest that you look to this:

How to configure the Firebase Plugin

Step 1) Create a FirebaseProjectId and a FirebaseSecret

1. Create two new site properties called FirebaseProjectId and FirebaseSecret.

2. Configure the Firebase credentials.
    a. Go to the Firebase console. You will need to log in with your Google credentials.
    b. Create a new project.
    c. Go to Project Settings > Service Accounts > Database Secrets, copy the Database Secret and set that value to the Component’s SiteProperty "FirebaseSecret".

    d. Copy the Project Id and set that value to the Component’s SiteProperty "FirebaseProjectId".

Step 2) Adding References to the Firebase Plugin

1. In your Application Module, click the Manage Dependencies button.

2. Add references to Firebase > Server Actions > GenerateToken.

Step 3) Generate a Firebase Token

1. In your application, go to the Logic tab and create a new server action to generate a Firebase token.

    a. Create a new server action with two output parameters: FirebaseToken and FirebaseProjectId. Rename this new server action to GetFirebaseData.

      b. Use the GenerateToken server action provided by the Firebase plugin, passing the Site.FirebaseSecret and the UserId in its parameters.

If you are going to use more than one component that uses Firebase plugin, you only need to generate token and ProjectId once. You can use the same configuration for all components.


c. Pass the FirebaseToken value provided by GenerateToken server action and Site.FirebaseProjectIdto the output parameter.


  d. Use the GetFirebaseData action whenever you need the Firebase Token and ProjectId.

Nuno Verdasca


So i configured the firebase plugin correctly but now i got another question, Is it possible to let firebase authentication handle the users sign up login ... 

and if its possible how would i go about doing that?