Where is the External Database Error LOG located?

Hi all, 

We are getting the error message "Connection String test failed: The operation has timed out." when testing the connection to a Postgres database using ardoRic connector on Service Center.

We tried to find out the error stack under Service Center Monitoring Logs, but couldn't find it.

Where are the external database logs located?


I have a MySQL connection and forced an error to test it where is logged and it was under "Errors" menu option:

Did you look at all screens in Monitoring section?



Hi Luis, 

Thanks for the quick response. I tried the Errors LOG but there was nothing there.

Maybe because it´s a connector it cannot be viewed in service center?

Are you getting the error when you are creating a new database connection in this screen? When you got the error, is not showing more details?

Hi Luis, 

I am getting the error while trying to test the connection after creating the Database


If I test it with any database tool in the same environment it works fine

Can you try to use Configuration Mode: Advanced configuration and try to increase the timeout?

Something like this:
Provider=PostgreSQL OLE DB Provider;Data Source=myServerAddress;
location=myDataBase;User ID=myUsername;password=myPassword;timeout=1000;

Please see more examples here: https://www.connectionstrings.com/postgresql/



Unfortunately, it did not work.