4 layer architecture : example

I have application with following requirements.

1. web front-end and mobile application : login with username/password, login with Facebook, login with Google, registration.

2. web admin panel - user management.

What will be layer wise arrangement of the modules. Please suggest.


Following the guidelines on how to use the 4 layer architecture canvas here.

More information:

From OutSystems Forge and focused on Traditional Web, I leave you a component that has an example, which you can also analyze and learn:

However, I would also like to leave a small example, without a big foundation, just something indicative. I suggest that you see the documentation I left you.

Library (integration with external systems, business-agnostic functionality) :

  • Kafka integration (to communicate with other application by messaging)
  • Theme
  • External tables
  • Web Service as a consumer (if it's reusable by all applications in the factory)

Core Business (business-specific reusable functionality):

  • External tables - use External Core Service patterns and variations (also nice Medium article on the topic here)
  • Web Service as a producer
  • Web Service as a consumer (if it's specific to the business)
  • Possibly some business-reusable Web Blocks

End User (UI and business processes for your individual applications)

  • Screens and (application-specific) web blocks
  • (application-specific) BPT

Orchestration (UI and business processes that mashup multiple applications)

  • Business Processes spanning multiple applications

All these are abstract example, because need to do a detailed analysis and it would take longer than a short forum post to properly define a good architecture.

Nuno Verdasca