Platform server "checklist" for Windows Server 2008 + SQL Server 2008?


I've found myself with a lot of troubles to install the Platform Server in a Windows Server 2008 (32bits) with SQL Server 2008 DB.

The fact is the "install checklist" provided when installing the Platform server is made for Windows Server 2003 + SQL server 2005.

So, is there any installation tutorial or checklist for windows server 2008 + SQL server 2008?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Tiago,



The Agile Platform does not supports SQL Server 2008, yet. If it did, the installation checklist would have that option. The support for SQL Server 2008 is scheduled for release with the version 5.0 of the Agile Platform, later this year. To know the Agile Platform requirements, please check the System Requirements technical note available in our Evaluation Center.


Meanwhile, if you are trying to install the platform for your own development, I suggest you install the Agile Platform Community Edition, which does supports SQL Server 2008.