Hi there!

I've created an OutSystems Reactive Web App page, which is loaded inside of an iFrame, on another domain.

This domain uses a co-browsing plugin which I'd also like to work inside of the iFrame.

In order to do this, I've added a frameconnect.js script inside of the OutSystems page. This script was provided by the co-browsing plugin manufacturer to the OutSystems screen.

However, the script does not fully work - see the following screenshot, taken from the Chrome DevTools on the page where the OutSystems iFrame is loaded: 

How can I make sure the script siteconnect.js (from the other domain) is able to access the OutSystems iFrame?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer,


Hi Marleen,

You could try set the domain for the document in domain https://channel.me/

document.domain = "cbonlinetst.boekhuis.nl"




Thank you Daniel for your response.

We tried to add this to the OutSystems screen, however this doesn't seem to work:


If you run the OutSystems application in an iframe of another application, I think the changes have to be done in the other application, not the OutSystems application.