Re : Google Maps: Measuring distances

Re : Google Maps: Measuring distances

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Is it possible to measure distances using google maps?
What is pretended is that given two different locations i'd obtain the distance in KM between them using google maps.

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Try to take a look here:

Or this URL:

And from some other comments:
If you reeally wanna make it rich, then you can use gDirectionsOptions using which u can get driving path between those two places.
You can show that path –
here’s cool tutorial for that –
You, of course, will need to tweak it a lil bit…

Hope it helps a little

The first link redirects me to this Topic.

The second link i have to buy the solution.


Hi Rui Pedro, I am trying to accomplish the same task with google maps. were you able to come up with a working solution?

Thanks, Nabil

Yes it is possible that measuring distance between two cities  using Google maps. You can measure distance between two cities in KM. The calculating process is very easy and anyone can calculate distance using Google maps.
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our ready to use Expenses app have that functionality already done!! Take a look.

When using the app, create a new expense, select mileage and then calculate distance. To see how its done just install it on your own server.

Miguel Antunes

Hi I've found a lot of joy using Google's Distance Matrix API.