Multi selection fields list search

Hi Folks,

I am unable to search multi fields. Could you please suggest.

As mentioned in screen shot, Here after selection of multiple proudct family, when click search , need to diplay only those related selected proudct family records in result. 

Could you suggest. 

Hi Gangadhara,

Is this an OutSystems application? The screen shot doesn't seem to be? What are those "ProductFamily" buttons? How does the "selection of multiple product families" happen?

Hi Kilian, 

Yes it is outsystems applications only. 

Those are not buttons, THoses are the fileds which selected in mutli selction box. 




Hi Gangadhara,

1) Create an action in the search List box on change.

2) you can get the currently selected values.

3) create a local text variable say "SelectedProductfamilyIds".

4) Loop the selected values, before loop assign that local variable SelectedProductfamilyIds = ", "

5) inside loop add same assign, SelectedProductfamilyIds = SelectedProductfamilyIds + ", "

now, this local variable contains for eg., ",1,2,3,"

6) Now, add this filter into your aggregate like, SelectedProductfamilyIds like "%," + entity.ProductFamilyId + ",%"

 This may help, try this.