For a mobile app I want to save the URL that was requested before reaching OnException.
OnException triggers the redirect to a InvalidPermissions page where the user should login to continue. After logging in, I want the user to be redirected to the page that was requested instead of a default page.

Now for web there is a function called "GetExceptionURL()" which provides the last requested URL before exception occurs. Unfortunately in mobile this function isn't available.

Can someone provide me an solution to achieve the described redirect function for mobile?

Thanks in advance,

Levi Cederpark

Hi Levi!

I'm afraid that I didn't get your goal, but for me, in an mobile app, the default behavior is to start navigation in Home Page and I can't see scenarios to change this behavior (even after login).

In another scenario I need to know from where the user arrived (in what screen he was before enter in a new screen), and in this case I've made an client action to registry this information in Local Storage; I think this could be used in some cases, but need to be analysed, because performance can be affected.