deleting an aggregate: where can I do that?

Hi, I am following a training, and got notified by OS that I have an aggregate that is not used. They recommend to delete this aggregate. 

When I doubleclick the warning, it does open the aggregate. However, I cannot find a delete button. And I can also not find the place where all aggregates are shown. As the aggregate is never used, it is not part of whatever preparation. 

This must be a simple thing:-), however, who can help me out?

Hi Coen!

When you double click the warning and the aggregate is open, you can check in right corner a way (bread path) to find where the aggregate is. Opening this flow, you be able to delete it.




Hi Coen,

When you doble click on the warning you be able to find the aggregate the you can simple select the aggregate a use you keyboard key DELETE and now its gone or you can use your right click on your mouse and OS its going to give you the option to delete it.


Frederick Lozano.