Mobile Upload of files only, disallowing use of camera

I have a mobile application using the native upload widget.

I set Accept  to Any so I can allow the user to pick a file eg (PDF or JPG) from their device.

But when the user actually clicks on the upload icon it popups with a dialog 

  • Take Photo or Video
  • Photo library
  • Browse

When they select Browse they can pick the file and upload correctly.
But ... how do I streamline it so they can't choose "Take Photo/Video" or "Photo Library"

I can set ACCEPT=IMAGE and it will only allow camera to take picture.
Or ACCEPT=VIDEO and it will only allow camera to take video.

But ... I can't set ACCEPT=FILE so that it will only allow browsing for a file to upload.

Has anyone been able to do this


Could your issue be similar to this one

Different in that I don't want to restrict files to PHOTO's only.

I also want to allow for upload of other document types, particularly PDF.