Is it possible to call a defined Action from javaScript?/

Is it possible to call a defined Action from javaScript?/

I was wondering if could do the following.

- Create a flow of steps to being processed,
- Check on the client side through JavaScript some conditions
- If conditions are met, call te created flow of steps on the server.

I could do this by creating an other button and set it to 'visible = false' but this is not safe for hackers. If anyone looks at the code from the website they could see there is a hidden button and with some tools it is possible to click this hidden button.

Witch it never the planned behavior.
Frank Meijer
pardon my ignorance, but why should javascript be any safer than an invisible button.

I don't understand what you want to achiev btw?
It's ok for your ignorance ;-) Any help is appreciated.

I want to ask the visitor first for a confirmation message on deleting data. That can be done client side (javascript). Than after clicking 'yes' the server flow can be called upon. If I'm using an invisible button data can still be deleted whitout the confirmation message..

If you know how to call a confirmation message an the server side or having an alternative way, it is appreciated.
check the styleguide. there is an example with deleting records.
Thanks for the advice for looking in the style guide.

I overlooked the delete action.

I looked in the ContentTemplete in stead of the Template.

This solved the problem for so Thank you!