Chrome browser spinner not appearing when Modal is on page

We have a web page that contains a table with a search, and a modal popup that users can access to enter advanced search criteria.   When the "normal" search box is used and the search button is clicked, Chrome does not provide an visual indication that work is happening.  (the blue spinning wheel is not displayed)

If we remove the Modal popup from the webscreen, or enclose it in an If condition that is always false so it isn't rendered the spinning wheel works as anticipated.   Also, if we access the advanced search modal and search from there the spinning wheel appears.   it seems that the modal might be receiving the focus from Chrome upon being rendered, has anyone encountered this and found a solution?   

I'd like to avoid creating a custom spinner as the look and feel would likely be different than the one used by the browser.

Hi Josh,

My first thoughts on this are that the CSS z-index property of the modal is set higher that that of the spinner.

You can find this out by inspecting the CSS for both in the browser using the developer tools (F12)



I didn't think to check that, but it seems possible.   I ended up creating a work around by wrapping the modal in an If statement; when the user needs to access the content I set the condition to true and Ajax refresh the content container.

So initially the modal popup isn't rendered and the spinner is displayed.   Else, the modal is created.   (then if the user goes back to a "normal" search I set the condition back to false and Ajax refresh again so the Modal is again out of scope)