Material Design possible ?


it it possible to make a site wirh outsystems with material design and if so, is there somewhere a example how to do so ? 



Hi Roelof,

Yes that is possible. Search the forge on material design. There are some components that implement in some form. As well as the material icons and samples.



 I already has searched and found those two :

but this one gave me some 29 warnings. 


but there the layout looks very messy and I could not understand how things are working.


Apart from how good  and complete these components implemented material design, it does prove that it is possible. And that was your question.

One ex colleague of me has a better implementation of material design theme based on completely customized outsystems ui theme, but I would have to ask if it can be shared.

Personally I would rather create a custom outsystems UI theme than going to the process of implementing material design.





then I have to follow the course how to implement a cusom UI theme but if you could ask you collegugue I will also be very gratefull. 


I will ask

thanks, and I will stdy  the video how to make a custum ui theme 

Maybe  I can do this for myself as soon as I figured out how to add these two to a template or a page 

<!-- Compiled and minified CSS -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

    <!-- Compiled and minified JavaScript -->
    <script src=""></script>

I did a lot of  googeling but could not find a clear picture how to achieve this 


Done some trying but I do not see how I can import the cdn of the javascript. 

So far I have done this :

so if someone has a hint how and where I can enter the javascript im happy to try

im trying to make a custom theme that I can use on a project

@Daniel.  Did you ask you co-worker if i may used his material design thing or can you help me figure out where to put that jvascript thing somewhere so I can use it in the whole application.

Hi Roloef, yes I asked by mail. Have to wait for a reply, he is an excollegue.

oke, then I have to have patience.  Again thanks 


Still not heared from your  excollegue. Then I have I think back luck and have to make my project just with silk ui. 

Hi Roelof, 

No he didn't reply yet, sorry.



NP., I could use this component.

but I see the 29 warnings about unsafe javascrript.