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Often I encounter the situation where someone is working on a espace with a release planning X while another wants to do a bugfix or even an other project with the same espace, but with an other releaseplanning Y. In "normal" development processes I would branche the code and give each developer/team their own edition while later these branches can be merged. This is very hard to do in the OutSystems way of working. What do you usually do in these situations and are there any plans to introduce branching in OutSystems? It would be great for me and I think for many more.

Let me hear your ideas....

could you not achieve it with cloning and merging back later?
Hi Joost,

With cloning you create a new application. So, if you'd want to release this clone before you can release the original, you have a problem. At least as far as I know. Have you done it this way?

Hi Mark,



What is usually done in the hot-fix/patching/bugfixing scenarion is the following:


  • Setup a Pre-Production environment that is equivalent to the production environment
  • Carry on your main developments in the Development environment
  • Whenever you need to apply a hot-fix/patch/bugfix:
    • Develop the fix in the Pre-Production environment
    • Test it there
    • Release the fix to the Production environment
    • Merge the changes back into the Development environment so that they will be released to QA, PreProd, and Prod in the end of the Sprint

Does this covers your scenarion? Thanks!

Hi Rodrigo,

Yes this covers my scenario, but usually this is not feasable because developers don't have the access to PreProd, usually not from QA on.
Besides that, this way you can not develop on the same eSpace if you have two different release scedules. This is why branching was invented. I know I shouldn't want this, I should steer towards releases every 2 weeks, but sometimes this is just not feasable. In those cases it would be great to have branching available.

I'd like to know if this is on the release scedule or if anyone else wants this feature?


Hi Mark,



Yes, this was already requested by other customers, namelly large factories. We have the support to such scenario in our backlog, but currently with no defined delivery date.



Thanks for the feedback!


Did anything came up from these requests?

Thank you.


Is there any news about this subject?



Any updates and/or feedback on this? We would rather not replicate the DTAP street just to have the concept of a develop and master branch.


HI Everyone ,

This topic takes me here ..

I have been in many back and forth with one of my customer asking the same branching things as he used to work with SVN and other source control with .Net and Java.

I had many discussion with Outsystems and finally there was a no from them. I also recommend to have this feature with the platform.