Morning all,

I have a site deployed at

where the home page is

I have a site rule set up so that is displayed in the browser instead of the above URL, but any time I click a link to go back to the homepage it displays

Is there a way to remove the HomePage.aspx for that page only? I tried a page rule with the matching pattern as "/" but that just redirected every page to the home page.

Is this possible?

Hi Russel,

You can use SEO Rules, check this documentation.

Hi Nuno,

That's the page I was looking at, but none of the options seem appropriate. As mentioned above, when i added a page rule with Web Screen "HomePage" and a URL pattern of "/" every single page on the domain rooted back to the home page, rather than just removing the HomePage.aspx portion of the URL

I did try a rule where "HomePage" was the Web Screen and "Home" was the URL and this worked, displaying "", but I would prefer to lose the word/page name in its entirety.