Hi there,

Is there a way to validate JSon Schema in Outsystem? We consumed a third party REST web service and unluckily they changed the structure unnoticely and it makes my client lost much money because of lost information.

To mitigate this risk, i have an idea if Outsystems can provide something like a validation property that checks if the actual rest response's structure adhere to the response's structure created in the data tab. 

regards and thank you

Hello IBOX,

Do you have the Schema of the REST Response of the Web Service?

hi Tiago, tq

I mean is there a way to validate if the response data structures is exactly matched with the response structure we created?

Say, we map using string, but the end point change to an arrays.


Hello IBOX,

I believe the easiest way to do that is to JSONDeserialize the string (JSON) that comes out from the API and get an Exception Handler. In the Exception Handler you can create some logic to notify the user or the client that something is wrong with the structure (because it will give internal error if JSON is not the same structure defined before). Otherwise, if you got access to the JSON Schema it's possible that some XIF does the job for you and notify what's wrong.

Hope it helps!