I have a link that have tabindex="23", got a report from my client with an Accessibility AA report that stats  

"Ensures tabindex attribute values are not greater than 0" so i have changed in Extended Properties the tabindex 0 but it still show up as 23 the old value. 

I cannot ever replace it to zero, how can i achieve this?


Hello CEscorcio, if you have been trying to remove it using extended property and doesn't result. Maybe the only way to handle with that is using JavaScript.
You can put a piece of JS for doing that.

Outsystems handle automatically with Tab Index. Unfortunately we do not have through Outsystems a way to remove or setting it up.

Best Regards,
Paulo Fagundes

You can remove it via JS.

var a = document.getElementsByClassName(""getTabIndex"");
a[0].tabIndex = 0;

I tested with a link. In the styleClasses i inserted getTabIndex class. with this you can get the elements that have that class name. If you need this for more than one element you can assign the class to all elements you want to catch then cycle and set the tabIndex to 0.

Best regards.