[MediaPicker Plugin] Media Picker Plugin not allowing to select image more than 1 MB

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Published on 2019-06-26 by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 2019-06-26 by Carlos Alfaro
  • Platform                                          : Version 11.0.607.0
  • Development Environment             : Version 11.6.2 (Build 3878)
  • Device                                            : Mobile (iOS)

This issue is experienced by only iOS device users after the recent integration of MediaPicker Plugin to the App. The plugin is displaying an message saying "You can only select images upto 1.00 mb in size" while selecting certain images. Please find the attached screenshot.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Step 1:  Integrate the Media picker plugin into an App.

Step 2:  Install the App in an iOS device

Step 3:  Open In the App in the device and Click the link to upload images

Step 4:  In the media selection screen, Try to select a file with more than 1 MB size

Step 5: The message "You can only select images upto 1.00 mb in size" will be displayed